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GNU seeks comments on new FDL draft
[General] Posted by Andy Tai on Thursday February 07, @05:06PM
from the copyleft-your-document dept.
The FSF is seeking comments from the community on the draft of the
next version of the Free Documentation License. See below for how to
send in comments

From: Bradley M. Kuhn
To: info-gnu на gnu.org
Subject: Draft of FDL 1.2 available for comment until 1 March 2002
Date: 07 Feb 2002 12:07:02 -0500

A draft of the GNU Free Documentation License (FDL), Version 1.2 is
now available on our website. We are asking for feedback from the Free
Software community on this draft. Please send comments to
fdl-comments на fsf.org. The comment period is open until 1 March 2002.

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Bradley M. Kuhn, Vice President
Free Software Foundation | Phone: +1-617-542-5942
59 Temple Place, Suite 330 | Fax: +1-617-542-2652
Boston, MA 02111

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2smi: с руководством проблем не будет, если новый FDL выйти не успеет?


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