[Legal] SCO vs. Linux Users

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Subject: SCO vs. Linux Users

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 The open source movement and the entire GPL licensing principal is
 under attack from an old Micro$oft arm. Here's how it goes. I own
 rights to some source code. Let's say I see to it that the code is
 integrated into a GPL product, oh let's say the Linux kernel, but I
 didn't put it therel. Oh, gee my rights to my source have been
 violated. I want $$$$$. I'll sue who? The distributers of the code?
 Nope. The person who put the code into the open source community?
 (that's who I think these clowns should be going after since it
 probably was thierown selves.) Nope. The folks who are running my
 proprietary code? Hell yeah. Make 'em pay. Just it case you thought
 Micro$oft might try to make Linux its own, your worst fears are in
 route. Currently a Caldera company Santa Cruz Operations was (may
 still effectively be) Micro$oft and they have executed the exact ploy
 above. So they want to "own" Linux 2.4+ kernels and be paid for every
 installation. Really want to know more go to these links......


It's the old "pay up, or else" plot from the Mobster's Handbook.

Ansgar Wiechers

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