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On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 05:31:47PM +0300, Anton Farygin wrote:
> (dll файлы неизвестного происхождения)

Гм.  Да вроде известного: (местами похаканые?) бинарники имени
Real Networks, Microsoft и других.

Вот ихний legalese касательно WMA9/WMV9, как, пожалуй, наиболее
востребованных в этом бандле.


(не успеваю просмотреть)



The Windows Media Format consists of three main components:

    * Windows Media Audio and Video 9 Series (codecs)
    * Windows Media file container (Advanced Systems Format, or ASF)
    * Windows Media streaming protocols

Previously, through the Windows Media Embedded licensing program, developers
could license the individual components of the Windows Media Format, and deploy
them in devices.

The new licensing program greatly expands that program by allowing the
components to be deployed on all platforms -- even non-Windows desktops.

ISVs that develop applications on platforms not currently supported by
Microsoft now have the option of licensing the Windows Media Format components
to build high-quality digital media encoding and playback support into their
products, extending the reach of their Windows Media-based solutions and
increasing the interoperability of their products.

If a Windows Media Format component is not available for your target platform
from Microsoft, a development license is available that includes reference
source code and documentation that will allow you to port and optimize a
specific component.




Windows Media Technology For Final Products and Interim Products
PC Software Table (...здесь чуть перестановки с embedded, поэтому при
необходимости перепроверить -- мне сейчас лень, т.к. сути не меняет)

Component Name   |   Royalty/unit    | Annual Fee   | Royalty Free *

1. Microsoft Windows Media with Audio Decode Technology**
                     $0.10             $20,000.00    $0.00 

4. Microsoft Windows Media with Video Decode Technology**
                     $0.10             $400,000.00    $0.00

9.  Microsoft Windows Media Embedded ASFRead Technology
                     $0.00             N/A            N/A

10.  Microsoft Windows Media Embedded ASFWrite Technology
                     $0.00             N/A            N/A

*  COMPANY shall use the applicable Royalty Free Licensed Technology Product
Numbers listed in the fourth column above if, and only if, one of the following
is true: (a) the Final Product is distributed by COMPANY under this Agreement
between January 1, 2003 and December 31, 2003; (b) the Final Product was
created by COMPANY using an Interim Product obtained from an Interim Product
Provider who has executed a current and valid Microsoft Integrated Circuit OEM
License Agreement for Embedded Windows Media Technology with an effective date
prior to February 2, 2003 with MS and who is shipping and paying royalties for
such Interim Products under such agreement; (c) the Final Product is a PC
Software version designed to run solely on a version of Microsofts Windows
operating systems; or (d) the product is an Interim Product.

** These Licensed Technology Product Numbers contain the ASF Reader and/or ASF
Writer components of the Licensed Technology and are subject to the
requirements of this Agreement, including but not limited to Section 2(k)(v).

References above to PC Software versions of the Licensed Technology mean that
the applicable Licensed Technology component is used as software for a general
purpose personal computer (including laptop, tablet, or desktop) that both (i)
is designed and marketed for operating a wide variety of productivity,
entertainment, and/or other software applications from unrelated third party
software vendors; and (ii) runs a general purpose consumer operating system
such as Apple Macintosh OS X, or consumer versions of the Linux operating
system, but not versions of such operating systems designed for computer
servers or embedded systems.


При этом ASF R/W -- это работа с контейнером, а не собственно контентом.

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