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   Technology News

   Monday,  December 15 12:01 AM EST
   God Considers Smiting Bible Pirates
   By Kristian Werner

   Vatican City - God did not rule out smiting as a final measure against
   those who share his most famous work, the Bible, on the Internet. This
   marks the first time a deity has spoken on IT-related questions since
   Steve Jobs was temporarily Enlightened when touching the One True iMac
   some years ago.

                            Authorized Version?

   Citing misuse of His word, misquotation, and putting hardworking Bible
   printers out of work, God said he would now start hunting Bible
   pirating around the globe. "I have to defend both my world-famous
   brand - the Bible and its distinctive likenesses - and the livelihood
   of those who create and distribute legal copies of it. Sure, they live
   not by bread alone, but website hits - someone else's website mind you
   - don't pay the bills for these folks."

   Since large portions of the Bible are many centuries old, many people
   believe the work to be in the public domain. Not so, said God. "Look,
   most copyright laws are based on something like the author's lifetime
   plus, let's say, 15 years. News flash: I'm still here."

   " I am a jealous God," He said, "but I am by no means unreasonable. If
   the person will stop distributing My copyrighted materials, there will
   be no further consequences. Like I've said before: hate pirating, love
   the pirate."
   Ironically, some of those most likely to be hit by these measures are
   among God's biggest fans. The Reverend Alfred Jackson is a minister at
   the church of St. Cecilia in Kansas City. In his spare time, he
   maintains the Bible study website "eChapter and eVerse," which
   cross-references large parts of the bible with commentary from clergy
   and laypeople from around the world.

   God said that 'spreading the Gospel' was not a valid defense for
   distributing copyrighted materials. "Rev. Jackson has published at
   least 35% of My word electronically, where anyone with an internet
   connection can download it. Thrice did I call on him to repent; thrice
   did he ignore me or refer me to the EFF [Electronic Frontier

   Jackson said he had had several emails from someone claiming to be the
   Deity, but had first dismissed them as pranks. When he received the
   second 'cease and desist', Jackson contacted the EFF and asked for
   Marie Dang, an attorney with EFF said smiting was clearly an
   unreasonable response to alleged copyright infringement. "I realize
   that legal text often spells out all the details and ramifications
   right from the start. But mentions of smiting and damnation are hardly
   suitable for a first letter," said Dang.

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   Responding to widespread criticism over perceived misuse of
   omnipotence, God said people had misunderstood Him. "I repeat: Smiting
   would only be a last resort against the unrepentant. True, neither My
   Son nor I thought of electronic piracy when I sent him to earth.
   However, we have decided to include it as a 'sin' for purposes of
   forgiveness. I don't know who put in that 'damnation' stuff."

   When asked what His next step might be, God was reluctant to discuss
   specifics. He stressed that He would consider the effect of His
   actions on the meek. "Let's make one thing clear," He said, "I may be
   omnipotent, but I'm not crazy: It's not like I think I'm Jack

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