[Legal] Fwd: Possible incorrect use of application name

Igor Zubkov icesik на mail.ru
Пн Окт 10 15:15:13 MSD 2005

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Subject: Possible incorrect use of application name
Date: Суббота, 08-Окт-2005 01:13
From: Петр Евсеев <babooka75 на mail.ru>
To: comment на simlogic.net
Cc: rms на gnu.org

Good day to you, people http://www.simlogic.net

You're using name "Simple Instant Messenger" & "SIM" for one of your
 application since 2003 ( according to your copyrights on
 http://www.simlogic.net ). Possible you don't know, that this name is in use
 sine 2002. There is an application, called "SIM" ("Simple Instant
 Messenger"). You can verify this by going at http://sim-icq.sourceforge.net

This program ( I mean program from http://sim-icq.sourceforge.net ) is free
 software and it distributed under terms of GPL v.2

For my opinion, it's not correct to use existing project name for your
 application, because project from http://sim-icq.sourceforge.net is well
 known in GNU and OpenSource community.

My message is just a try to inform you in this situation.


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