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well ! this story is just a beta version of the new french liberticide law wich will come into effect very soon (next week).

France became a pseudo-monarchical-democracy, where the laws are made without requiring the opinion of the concerned people.

The article 323-3-1 of this "Law" will prohibit publication of any vuln. technical details, any proof of concept and any exploit. 

We can see that "searching & finding vulnerabilties" is/and will be a crime !

The legislators forgot that finding vulnerabilties and publishing exploits is not the cause of the problem, it's just a consequence of the insecurity.

They want to show reality as they wish it, and not as it exists ...

God bless (in)security and god bless (in)liberty !

Bekrar Chaouki - Security Consultant

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>Subject: Bugfinder Being Indicted As Criminal ("Counterfeiter") in France
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>Thread-Topic: Bugfinder Being Indicted As Criminal ("Counterfeiter") in France
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>From: "Drew Copley" <dcopley на eeye.com>
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>[thanks to AJ 'Effin' Reznor]
>[Disclaimer: I don't know who has seen this already, and I do not
>pretend to know the full facts of the case. -- Drew ]
>It's quite interesting to discover, from the inside, how the french
>justice system works. I'm back from Paris. I've just been indicted and
>charged of distributing programs that violated Intellectual Property
>rights (literally translated, it's "counterfeiting and concealment of
>counterfeiting"). Maximum punishment for these charges are two years in
>jail and a fine of 150.000 euros. I'm not yet judged guilty or innocent,
>but I already had to pay around two or three thousands dollars for two
>trips to Paris (I live in Boston, MA, USA), plane tickets, and lawyer
>fees. I already talked about my story here (in french).
> In march 2002, I published on my website a long analysis about this
>software. This webpage showed how the program worked, demonstrated a few
>security flaws, and some tests with real viruses. I showed that, unlike
>the advertizing claimed, this software didn't detect and stopped "100%
>of viruses". So, nothing really extraordinary. The company first reacted
>in a weird way: they denounced me publicly as a "terrorist", probably a
>nice attempt to make me change my mind. Later on, they filed a formal
>complaint against me in a Paris tribunal.=20

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