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Subject: Re: Full-Disclosure is now ILLEGAL in France ! (Vulnerabilties,   
 Technical details, Exploits ...)
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On Fri, 9 Apr 2004, Geoffrey wrote:

> Chris Johnson wrote:
> >      This is and always has been in the Napoleonic Code if I remember
> > correctly from my school days.
> Then you don't want to do business in Louisiana, USA either then.  The 
> laws there are based on the Napoleonic code as well.  One reason they 
> have parishes rather than counties..

     I should have been more explicit.  The assumption of guilt
before innocense is a part of French law and has been since Napoleonic
times I believe.  You'll find that Napoleonic law and that which is
derived from it (including Louisiana law) is a very different creature
than that which is derived from English Common Law.  The wording of
the French law doesn't surprise me at all.  

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