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<quote who="John">

> I got pretty excited when I discovered KDE 3.4 was in the new update for
> Fedora Core 3 because it's got zeroconf aka rendezvous aka bonjour
> support.
> Except RH built KDE without zeroconf support.

Because both the Apple and howl mDNSResponders are APSL2, which is an ugly
license that none of us can ship (RH, Debian, Ubuntu, and other distros that
take care with this stuff).

> And it's the lack of official KDE in Ubuntu that caused me to revisit 
> the RH fold.

KDE is in Ubuntu main, and Kubuntu is built from that. That means official

> For example, selinux: Russell explained to me that it was broken and he 
> couldn't get the fixes in. Get them here <link to location> he said.
> I'd thought impaired security is a security problem:-(

SELinux is an extremely complicated new feature, not a "security fix", and
woody was a shipped and supported system. We would not add complete SELinux
support to warty or hoary, either!

- Jeff

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